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I have have been receiving Reflexology treatments from Jen for the last 2 years' and they have helped to ease my irritable bowel problem, she is very attentive and the treatments' make me feel pain free.

Liz – Leeds


Roundhay After having a full body deep tissue massage from Jen, I slept that night like a baby, the effects' were immediate, I felt invigorated and revitalised, I now go to Jen every 2 weeks' for a relaxing aromatherapy deep tissue massage, it has also helped with my insomnia.

Mr Carter


I have had a range of treatments' from Jen at BodyandSoleLeeds, including Massage, Hopi Ear candle due to experiencing ear ache frequently, she knows what she is doing, very professional, patient, understanding and has designed treatments to suit my needs'.

Lainey – Leeds.


After having a consultation with Jen we decided I would try Reflexology due to my back problems', after having both hand and foot reflexology treatments' from Jen, I have to say it was amazing, I completely fall asleep during every treatment because it is so relaxing and afterwards I feel like I am walking on air, it has also helped tremendously with my back problems.

Ralph – Harrogate



Indian Head Massage